10 Polish Christmas Traditions

Christmas celebrations start in Poland on the 24th December – Wigilia Christmas Eve. Christmas dinner starts as soon as the first star is spotted on sky (which is around 6-7 pm). Before dinner, we share opłatek Christmas wafer and we wish all the best to each other. We leave an extra seat for the unexpected guest – no one should be alone or hungry on Christmas Eve.… Continue reading 10 Polish Christmas Traditions

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Second step to Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Well

If you read this post, you decided to change your life and be more healthy. Last week I was writing about 3 rules of Healthy Lifestyle: good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep. What is nutrition? WHO says that: “Nutrition is the intake of the food, considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs.” Nutrition… Continue reading Second step to Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Well