Hi! I’m Dora and welcome to my first blog 🙂

My blog is the place where I can share my passion about healthy food, creative ideas and travelling. I love trying new recipes, discovering new flavours and experimenting with food. But my biggest obsession in the kitchen is baking. Life is too short to say no to all those delicious cakes, pastries and desserts. That is why, I try to bake with less or no sugar and use healthier ingredients. My first posts were about Mr Sugar – the silent killer, sugar reduction and its alternatives. I love travelling too – it’s about broadening my mind, getting away from my “normal” life, and being more open to new experiences and ideas. Travelling is enjoying the present moment, going out of the comfort zone and that’s where the magic happens.

I believe in lifelong learning. I am constantly improving my knowledge, skills and competences. I have master’s degree in Tourism Destination Management and bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management & French. I completed online courses in: Personal Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Digital Marketing and Blogging.


This is my little family, from the left: me, Misiu Szatek and Atti.

Did I mention that my husband is real, original, authentic Dracula from Transylvania? But don’t worry, he is from those good ones 🙂 He is the one who introduced in my life the power of positive thinking and motivation. Definitely, he needs to share his knowledge, ideas and tips on my blog.

Misiu Szatek is the newest addition in our little family. Watch out… he only looks so cute and fluffy. In real life he is a troublemaker and an absolute party animal who loves girls and alcohol (I think he is closely related to Ted teddy bear).

Finally, our tabby cat Mackó – pure cuteness, fluffiness, grumpiness, fussiness and much more – all in one!  So cute… So adorable… it’s just unmeasurable!


Hope you will enjoy reading my blog.
Please stick around 🙂