Baking in a bread machine: Yogurt Bread with Oats

Do you like smell of freshly baked bread in the morning? Well… I do 🙂 What’s better than fresh, still warm slice of bread for breakfast? Today we are baking Yogurt Bread with Oats.


Before we start baking, I would like to describe what ingredients I’m using and explain how they change flavour and texture of bread.

Strong White Flour is milled from hard wheat flour, which has a higher protein level than soft wheat flour.

Wholemeal Flour is made from the complete wheat kernel, including the bran and wheat germ. Wholemeal has coarse texture and a nutty taste. Loaves made with wholemeal flour tend to be very dense.

Rolled Oats give a chewy and a nutty taste if added to the bread dough. They can be used as a topping too. It is the best to add them at the very begging of the baking.

Yogurt and other dairy products help to enrich the dough and produce a tender crumb and  golden crust. Use natural yogurt or try flavoured ones (lemon or hazelnut). Sour cream, cottage cheese and soft cheeses can be used as a liquid content of the bread.


Let’s bake!


185ml water

175ml yogurt (I used Greek Style)

22ml oil

1 tbsp honey

260g white bread flour

200g wholemeal bread flour

40g rolled oats

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 sachet dried yeast


Pour water, yogurt, oil and honey into the bread maker pan. Add white and wholemeal flours, oats, salt, then make a small indent in the centre of dry ingredients and add yeast. Bake in Basic Mode.

Original Recipe: “Baking in a Bread Machine” by Jennie Shapter

Happy Baking 🙂


One thought on “Baking in a bread machine: Yogurt Bread with Oats

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