Handmade Gift for Valentine’s Day

Have I ever mentioned that I love handmade gifts? I just love when somebody put effort into it. Gifts don’t need to be expensive and luxurious – sometimes small handmade gift means a lot more.

I made this LOVE JAR for Attila on Xmas, but you can prepare for Valentine’s Day. It didn’t cost anything! I had everything at home. So what will you need? Jar, decorations, coloured paper and creativity ❤

Step 1:

Decorate your jar with whatever you have at home – ribbons, stickers, glitter?


Step 2:

Cut coloured paper in small hearts ❤ ❤ ❤


Step 3:

Write down on each heart reason why do you love your girlfriend/wife, boyfriend/husband 😉 but I guess it’s perfectly fine to do it for your mum, dad, grandparents, sister, brother – simply someone you love ❤


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤


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