Blueberry Desserts

It’s summer time… and I love it ❤ Long warm days, seaside, fresh salads and fruity desserts… Don’t bake cakes in this heat – try my no-bake recipes 🙂

Which one do you fancy?

Jelly Cake

Oreo or blueberry Ice-cream

Strawberry, Vanilla, Straciatella or Banana-Coffee Ice-cream

or perhaps light and creamy Blueberry Dessert.



4 small glass cups

whipping cream

1 tsp sugar

100g blueberry yogurt

2 tsp gelatin

12 Oreo biscuits




Start with dissolving gelatin in hot water. Leave it to cool down. Don’t forget to stir from time to time. Leave few blueberries for decoration. Mash remaining blueberries with potato masher. Whip cream with a bit of sugar. Stir carefully with blueberry yogurt. Combine with mashed blueberries and add slowly cooled gelatin. Leave 2 Oreo for decoration. Crash remaining Oreo in plastic bag. Put to each glass cup. Divide the cream evenly between the glasses. Decorate with blueberries and Oreo. Leave desserts in the fridge to set.


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