Travelling to Hungary?

It’s my 2nd day in Hungary – beautiful landlocked country in central Europe. It’s not my first time here, so I know what to expect 🙂 Wonderful Budapest, rich and spicy food, friendly and hospitable people, and extremely fascinating and tricky language 🙂 Are you ready for the challenge?


Let’s start with greetings:

Jó napot (yoh nu-pot) – Good day!

Szia (see-yah) – Hi/Hello!

To say ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you’ you can use longer version (good luck with this one)Viszontlátásra  (vee-sont-laa-taash-raa) or simply shorter version: Viszlát! (vis-laat).

If you want to be polite, don’t forget to say: Örülök, hogy megismertem (errel-oek hodge megh-ish-merh-them) – Nice to meet you.

Köszönöm (khoe-se-noem) – thank you

If you want to order something to drink:

Két sört kérek (kate shirt kay-reck) – Two beers please

Két bort kérek (kate bhort kay-reck) – Two wines please

Don’y forget to learn numbers: 1 egy (edge), 2 két (kate), 3 három (haa-rem), 4 négy (naydge), 5 öt (at), 6 hat (heart), 7 hét (hate), 8 nyolc (nolts), 9 kilenc (key-lents), 10 tíz (tease), 100 száz (size), 1000 ezer (as err).

Perhaps you find your other half in Hungary (like I did) and you want to say: ‘I love you’ – Szeretlek (sare-at-lack).

Finally, my favourite part:

Kiss – csók (choke)

Kiss given on the cheek – puszi (pussy) – Hungarians give 2 puszi – one in each cheek

Kiss me – Csókolj meg (choke-oy megh)

That’s it for today 🙂 Let’s master those few expressions and impress locals when you visit Hungary.


* translation: ‘madár – fa – kör’ means literally: bird – tree – circle 🙂

Good luck everyone 🙂



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