Throwing a Baby Shower?

Baby shower, an American custom where the mum-to-be is literally ‘showered’ with gifts for her unborn baby, is getting more and more popular in Europe. Last Friday I attended my first ever Baby Shower ❤ Here are few cute ideas to plan the perfect baby shower.

How do you make a baby shower look like a shower, rather than a party?


It’s all about the baby-orientated decorations. Do you know baby gender? Choose a theme that will encompass the party. However, there’s no need to stick with the conventional blue or pink themes. You can find lots of decorations online. I recommend Amazon – cheap and quick delivery.



The best way to insure that your event is fun and unique, come up with baby shower games. Again there is plenty of games to choose on Amazon (e.g. baby charades) or create your own game. Why not buy a few jars of baby food, remove the labels and get guests to guess the flavour.

Baby Food
Guess the flavour

Personalised t-shirts

Personalised t-shirts will make your shower one to remember. If you don’t have time, you can order them online. But if you feel more creative, try to do them yourself – it is not difficult.  What do you need: plain white t-shirts, iron on transfer paper, iron and logo. You can find baby shower logo online, create it yourself or if you are lucky to have talented friend – thank you Damian 🙂 – you can ask for help in designing something unique.



Fun Photos

Don’t forget about fun photos! Selfie-stick and baby shower photo props are perfect to make memories for the new mum to cherish.


Delicious Food

Baby shower is all about mini sandwiches, cakes and snacks. Tea parties are easy and relatively budget friendly to organise. You can ask you guest to bring a contribution. Here is my no-bake baby shower jelly cake🙂

Fruit jelly cake
Tea Party


Let’s not forget about gifts. Guests bring small gifts for the expectant mother – usually clothes, toys, nappies, blankets, baby bottles etc. What did I bring? Well, I was told it is baby shower… so swimming costume and swimming diapers 🙂

Baby Swimmer
And even more jelly for yummy mummy 🙂






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