Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter

Avocado is recently my favourite fruit ❤ Its creamy texture and delicious taste goes really well with both sweet and savoury dishes, e.g. salads, sandwiches, burgers, guacamole, smoothies, chocolate cakes, chocolate-hazelnut spreads and many more. Click here for three delicious Avocado & Eggs breakfast ideas that I posted last month.

Today I decided to prepare another chocolate-avocado spread. It is rich and silky smooth… and you really can’t taste the avocado. Make sure the avocado is fully ripe for maximum flavour and texture.



1 large ripe avocado

100g dark chocolate

4 spoons coconut peanut butter

2 spoons desiccated coconut flakes


Skin and stone the avocados, chop the flesh roughly and blend until smooth. Melt dark chocolate and coconut peanut butter in microwave, then add to avocado cream and blend again until silky smooth. Finally, add coconut flakes and mix butter with spoon. Store in closed jar in the fridge.


As you know me already… I am big Pancake Lover ❤ So I’m going to enjoy my chocolate butter on delicious homemade pancakes 🙂 Today I’m experimenting with strong white bread flour. Check my pancake recipes with spelt flour and buckwheat flour.



1 cup strong white bread flour

2 eggs

1 cup milk or milk alternative (soya, oat, coconut)

3/4 cup of water (use sparkling water for extra fluffiness)

pinch of salt

2 tablespoons coconut oil

What do you need?

pancake frying pan, blender, ladle spoon



Sift flour into a bowl, add eggs, milk, water and salt. Blend until smooth. Leave batter to rest for 30 minutes.

Melt coconut oil on frying pan. Then, pour it to the batter and mix quickly.

Now take frying pan to one hand and ladle spoon to the other hand. Pour batter onto frying pan – you need to tilt pan in circle motion to help batter to spread. As soon as edges start to crisp up, flip it over.  And repeat 🙂



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