Dora’s travel survival guide

Visiting Tenerife anytime soon? Dora Cherry aka Dora the Explorer advises to Keep Calm and Carry On Travel Survival Guide 🙂

Number 1: sun protection

Don’t forget to wear hat all the time, unless you want to burn your scalp (like I did on boat trip).

Don’t forget about sunglasses or you will look like Atti on this photo hahaha 🙂


Wear sunscreen every single day and don’t forget to reapply – unless you want to look like this (I’m the pig and Atti is the bacon) hahaha


Number 2: maps

I love exploring with maps. And as you can see – one is not enough 🙂 Collect your free maps from the airport, hotel and information centres.


Number 3: photos


I take 100 photos per day when I’m exploring 🙂 My selfie-stick and cherry red Nikon are always with me.

Be ready for anything and always carry a camera around. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your camera: zoom in to the details, experiment with composition and be ready to take advantage of opportunities.


Number 4: personal driver and luggage porter

Do you want to explore Tenerife? It is essential hire a car with experienced driver 🙂 and luggage porter  2 in 1 🙂


Number 5: stay hydrated

Finally… remember to drink a lot! We did 🙂


We tried few bottles of local wine. Tenerife produces a variety of white wines. Our favourite was semi-sweet white wine Cruz del Teide.


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