Happy Paper Anniversary!


I can’t believe that I have been married for 1 year already! Where did that time go? It only seemed like yesterday we were making a commitment to spend the rest of our life together. The first anniversary is traditionally known as the paper wedding anniversary and it is common to give each other paper gift – e.g. stationery, art print, love letter, poem, book, photos, concert tickets…


But why paper? Well, there are many different theories about the symbolism of paper and the first year of marriage. I like to think that paper is fragile material and it symbolises the delicate state of newlywed life that grows stronger over time. Another interpretation could be that paper is a symbol of writing (creating, building) your future together.

Our first wedding anniversary we want to celebrate in style, so we’ve decided to spend one week in beautiful Tenerife! So what are we doing today? Perhaps one of those 20 things to do in Tenerife or we are just chilling by the pool with glass of Sangria 🙂 Whatever it is, I’m sure we will both enjoy it and remember forever.



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