Spring Decor – How to brighten up your home?

Today I went for a walk and I saw beautiful spring just around the corner 🙂


Days are getting longer and the weather is warming up a bit. Have your finished your Spring Clean? If yes, it’s time to change out some decor and bring Spring inside your home too! Bright colours, flowers, butterflies – you’ll find countless ways to bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

My ideas:

  • decorate windows with hanging wood butterflies and Easter bunnies (from Lidl)
  • stick fabric flowers (from The Works) and clip on butterflies (from Lidl) on window blinds


  • DIY tealight holders


  • DIY origami flower tree



DIY tealight holder


What do you need?

glass jar, gift ribbons, fabric flowers, fabric birds, jute twine for crafts, glue, scissors

It’s really easy to create some stunning tealight holders, just use your imagination or look at my two examples above. Don’t forget to put inside your jar, some spring scented tealights.


DIY origami flower tree


What do you need?

tree jewellery holder OR tree key holder OR artificial branches

origami paper, adhesive gems, scissors

To make my paper flowers, I followed instructions from the book Origami Flowers by Soonboke Smith. This is a wonderful book which teaches you how to make 33 beautiful paper flowers. The instructions with colourful photos are easy to follow.

There is a lot of origami flower instructions that you can find online. My recommendation is to check this blog. Flowers look beautiful and instructions are easy to follow.

Inspired? So time to bring Spring inside your home ❤



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