The Bears’ cave is a mess – time for a Spring Clean with a magic sponge

All right… Spring and Easter almost here…  It’s time to roll up your sleeves, pull on your gloves and get to work to make your home look the absolute best it can be! There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house 🙂 and this is my motivation for my spring deep clean. It is also perfect opportunity to get rid of the stuff you can live without – you’ll feel much better before, trust me 🙂

To make project more manageable or even more enjoyable, create a realistic schedule. Keep in mind that one weekend won’t be enough, if you want to reach all the nooks and crannies. I want to share with you my 4 weeks cleaning checklist. I know it sounds scary, but it is not as bad as it looks. Of course I can do everything in few days, but I do not fancy cleaning every day for few hours. I’m working full-time, I still want to cook healthy food and do my daily workout. That is why, my Spring and Autumn cleaning I like to spread in few week, so I do not compromise my daily routine.


4 weeks cleaning checklist

Start: 14 March

Finish: 9 April

Job done and I have 1 week for Easter preparation ❤

The tasks are broken down by location. In the first week, I have the most energy and enthusiasm, so I start with the worst one: kitchen! Then, it is just getting easier and easier.

Week 1: Kitchen (organising and cleaning cupboards, cleaning oven and gas hob, cleaning fridge and freezer, cleaning sink and worktops, mopping the floor) 

Week 2: Bedroom (organising wardrobe, get rid of old clothes, organising  my desk and getting rid of useless paperwork, wiping off the dust and hovering)

Week 3: Living room (organising bookshelves and PC desk, TV stand, wiping off the dust and hovering) 

Week 4: Bathroom (scrubbing bathtub, tiles, sink, organising cupboard, wiping off the dust and mopping) & Corridor and stairs (organising shoes, wiping off the dust and hovering)

Magic tricks

I will be testing Magic Eraser. I haven’t heard about them before, but apparently, they are very popular. So what is is exactly? It is sponge made from melamine foam. It feels soft, but when used for cleaning it works like extremely fine sandpaper. Just add a bit of water and you are able to remove difficult stains and scuffs in the kitchen and bathroom, or even remove crayon, marker pen, and grease from painted walls. However, be careful with not sufficiently hard surfaces, it may be finely scratched by the melamine material. It’s recommended to test the eraser on a small portion of surface you’re looking to clean before you dive on in.

20170314_202218 (1)

Ready? Steady? So put on your cleaning apron, set out all the cleaning supplies, turn on a good playlist and give your flat the toughest cleaning it can take. Good Luck!

Don’t forget to reward yourself when you finish 😉 You’ve done a good job, so go ahead and treat yourself… with something healthy of course 🙂


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