17 Febraury, National Cat-Day

Today Poland and Italy celebrate National Cat-Day!!

Let’s join the celebration and do something special for our cute fluffy purring creatures 🙂

I share letter that I wrote to my little monster – only real cat-freaks will understand LOL


Dear Macko!

Today is your DAY. That is why…

I forgive you your coldness. I tell you at least 3 times per day how much I love you, but you pretend that you do no hear me. It hurts sometimes. I know that you are little Boscombe gangster and you do not want to show your feelings, but I am sure that secretly you love me like your human mum 🙂

I forgive you your arrogance. The way you look at me when you do not want to be stroked and I can see in your eyes: “Get your dirty hands off me!”

I forgive you your grumpiness. You are extremely difficult to please – 1000 toys, your own private cat tree, the best food, two human slaves – and it is still not enough for His Feline Highness.

I forgive you your fussiness. I rather not to count how many sachets I had to waste because of your delicate taste buds 🙂

I forgive you all those sleepless nights – you need to wake me up 3 am… because you are hungry… or because you want to go outside… or because it is play time… or because it is cuddle time ❤

You are true Master of Manipulation. I forgive you everything, not only because it is your DAY (well your day is every day really), but because I am your favourite human. You love me more than anybody else… yes even more than Attila (hahaha). And I know this because you give me those subtle head-butts, cat kisses, love bites, purrs, mews, tail fluffs… ❤

Your forever devoted servant,


PS Do not judge me – I know that I am crazy and I am OK with that LOL


3 thoughts on “17 Febraury, National Cat-Day

  1. He is a character. He is pretending that he is cold and does not have any feeling, but he is soft deep inside. And his human mum spoil him all the time… 🙂


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