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Taste of Poland: 5 traditional must-try dishes

When I visit new places, I have to taste local cuisine – even if I can’t pronounce name of the dish or even if food looks scary 🙂 Without it there is no authentic travel experience for Dora The Explorer.

Rich, delicious, very hearty… Traditional Polish cuisine is a real calories bomb, so if you want to try it without feeling guilty, my advice is just to stop counting your calories.

I prepared for you 5 well-known dishes to give you an idea what you should try while visiting Poland.

My number one is bigos (Hunter’s stew). It is a very traditional Polish dish and its basic ingredients are shreds sauerkraut, fresh cabbage, various types of meat and sausages, dried mushrooms, prunes, onions and spices. Bigos may not look too appealing for most of the foreigners, but any Polish person will tell you that it is extremely delicious. Wash it down with shots of ice-cold vodka for the authentic experience.


Pierogi (dumplings) are definitely the most popular. They look like bigger ravioli filled usually with sauerkraut with mushrooms, cheese and potatoes (called Russian dumplings) or with meat. Pierogi can be served with sweet fillings too – like seasonal fruit (blueberries, strawberries and cherries) or sweet cottage cheese (mmmm culinary heaven). The exciting part is that pierogi knows no boundaries. Nowadays, restaurants serve pierogi with different filling combinations… the possibilities of which are endless. My favourite ones are baked in the oven with chicken liver filling or spinach-chicken-feta filling.


Placek po węgiersku (Hungarian style potato pancake) – crispy, golden brown potato pancake originally served with beef goulash. Again… this dish can be prepared in many versions. You can swap beef for chicken or even courgette. It is only limited to your taste and imagination.


If you like superb combination of flavours, try żurek – sour rye soup with potato, sausage or an egg, sometimes served in a bread loaf. It doesn’t get more environmentally friendly than that – probably that’s why it is my husband’s favourite Polish soup.


Another interesting soup (this time my favourite) is barszcz czerwony: refreshing beetroot soup with vegetables and sour cream or served clear with uszka (small version of dumplings).


I hope I inspired you to try Polish traditional cuisine. You will be back for more! Trust me 🙂

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